C4D Scene Reconstruction

Jan 14, 2023
By iamgogokhia

1 - choose the clip/video you want to reconstructin my caselet's say this is what I want to rebuild. 2 - Save as a "sequence' clipin Premiere Pro, go to Edit - Export - Media…

Video AI tutorial

Nov 17, 2022
By iamgogokhia

Disco Diffusion v5.2 Go here: https://colab.research.google.com/drive/1q_g0ntxagI77t4mHdNFKHYk4ersiNsQg?usp=sharing 1 - This is how Disco Diffusion looks like 2 - First things first! Save your copyFile - Save a copy in Drive It will create a copy in…

Red Turbulence VFX Breakdown

Aug 3, 2020
By iamgogokhia

Artists on IG:@nitepunk (music and direction)@cbu3d (CG)@iamgogokhia (editing and visual effects)@icarusre (stills and textures) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yVrar7jIgJs


Jul 16, 2019
By iamgogokhia

Full article urlWe're very proud to have you on our DARKNET blog. "Multiform Simulacrum" directed by Nitepunk for Vapor95, has some of the most creative and complex editing we've come across. Please tell us more about…

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