Hey everyone,

I am working on a collaborative project with the artist Grey Killer,
we were gonna finish the project, but Covid19 happened and we basically couldn’t finish the shooting.

So, after not so much thinking), we decided – why not try a different approach?! and give everyone a chance to take a part!

If you are an alive person, dancer, model, actor, extreme sports follower, masseuse, yoga instructor, surgeon, jeez just even some random person that thinks he/she or even THEY? hmmm ) why not! Think that they’ve got enough energy to handle this nonsense! Do not hesitate! everyone’s welcome!

ight, now it’s a showtime!, let’s hit it:

About the Project:
Simple! Idea was to make a cool ass visual music video, with some of the Cyberpunk / digital / futuristic elements, make something weird but dope you knw)

Song URL:
Grey KillerMove on Spotify

Example of visuals we made so far:

Mood Boards:


by now, if you are at the point-like, you go:
“oh!!! this is a shieeeeeet son, looking dope AF))), but who the F is this ppl?!”

no worries fam, I gotchu)
feel free to check our other stuff:

Video Quality:
DSLR, Mirrorless camera, or even your PHONE!
4k Resolution is perfect, but Full HD 1080p will work too.

use WeTrans, Google Drive, Dropbox or
any other file sharing websites for uploading the RAW footage

Deadline: OCTOBER 31
E-mail: iam@gogokhia.com
note* please, make sure to put “Move It” in the subject

Looking so damn forward, cannot wait to f*ck up your footage!
Stay safe! peace,
Neo 😀